Ourika (ourika) wrote in toy_stories,

A public toy

I've been searching for a toy, and it occurs to me that someone here might have a suggestion.

I'm looking for something to use in public, so it needs to be small and quiet. If it's got a remote that could go in my purse or in my partner's purse (no wires), that would be a major plus. I'm basically looking for clitoral stimulation, and the times that I've tried those hand-free butterflies, they've been useless (the leg things don't fit over my thighs and/or if they do fit, the butterfly sits way off base of where it's attention is needed!). So the item doesn't necessarily need to be like that. It could be a vibrating penetration toy that would be "propped" up in the panties so it's a little higher and sitting on the clit.

Any suggestions?
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