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toy_stories's Journal

sexy sex toys!
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Welcome to toy_storiestoy_stories! This is a fledgling community devoted to all things relating to sex toys. Anything and everything pertaining to sex toys is welcome!

Have a review for a sex toy? A gripe? A question about a particular toy, or just sex toys in general? A fun or funny sex toy story? A link to a great online sex toy store? Post it here!

This community is openly pro-sexual awareness, pro-masturbtion, pro-health, and is open to everyone! Male, female, or trans; gay, straight, or bi, and everyone in between. Discrimination or prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated.

A few obligatory rules:

1.) NO community promotions, under any circumstances, without the approval of a mod first! And if it's a rating community, don't bother.

2.) Don't delete your own, or other peoples' comments. It does nothing but start more drama.

3.) If someone comes around starting drama/trolling, contact ME (c0rrosionc0rrosion) directly, either via email or AIM. Don't fuel the drama, don't make bitchy posts, just get ahold of me.

4.) Any & all pictures go behind an LJ-cut.

5.) Stay on topic!

Have fun, and invite your friends!

- c0rrosionc0rrosion