fuckme1611 (fuckme1611) wrote in toy_stories,

pink dress

I open the door to our house to see you sitting on the chair waiting for me, your wearing your cute white heels and your tiny pink dress, your legs parted slightly, offering me a hint of your gorgeous pussy...

I stride across the room to you and you pull me to your warm mouth, welcoming my tongue and devouring me with your lips... your hands reach around and pull me hard up against you, i am throbbing and hard instantly.. i pull you to your feet, we crash against the wall, our hands racing over each others bodies, my hands cup your arse, pulling your hips against mine, grinding together, desperately trying to force our skin and our bodies closer as we consume each other with our lips and finger tips...

you stalk down the hall towards our bedroom, through the door in front of me, looking back with a glint in your eye to check that i'm behind you, i push you onto the bed, you fall onto your hands and knees, your arse in the air, your thighs parted and your wet open pussy glistening, almost screaming out for my cock to fill you, you go to crawl away from me, but my hands on your hips pull you back as I drive into your pussy, my cock pounding hard against the back walls of you as your back arches and your head flys back, gasps escape your open mouth and your eyes close as my cock claims you, one hand cups your breast, pulling your body back against mine while my other strokes your firm clit... suddenly you pull away from me, i groan, dissapointed and try to pull you back, you turn and lunge, your mouth closing over my cock as my groan turns into a scream... your flat on your stomach, your arse and pussy lifted off the bed, visible in the mirror opposite while you take my cock in your mouth, twirl your tongue around the head and tease me with your lips and your breath...

your arse is gorgeous, my hand comes down hard, leaving a red mark and causing you to squeal and quiver, i reach down next to me and take your vibrator from the draw, leaning forward with my cock still deep in your mouth i slide it into your still dripping pussy, your moans cause tremors down my shaft, as i turn the vibe on... your pussy pulsing around the toy as your mouth pumps my cock ever closer to release.....

hope you liked. :-)
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